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Total value of Steam game collection today: $1,370.94 USD.
Total number of Steam games owned: 218.
Total playtime: 0 hours.
The best value for money game in this collection is Crossout that cost only $nan per hour.
Now go see the Pile of Shame for dark☿.

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Member since July 31 2017

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dark☿ Steam Game Collection

Here are all the Steam games owned by dark☿

Name Time Price Cost/Hour Rating
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero0.0h$9.99$9.99---
Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes0.0h$7.19$7.19---
Half-Life 20.0h$9.99$9.99---
Half-Life 2: Lost Coast0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Garry's Mod0.0h$9.99$9.99---
Tomb Raider: Anniversary0.0h$8.99$8.99---
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas0.0h$14.99$14.99---
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Mirror's Edge0.0h$19.99$19.99---
Left 4 Dead 20.0h$9.99$9.99---
Just Cause 20.0h$14.99$14.99---
Dead Space 20.0h$19.99$19.99---
Portal 20.0h$9.99$9.99---
Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition0.0h$19.99$19.99---
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion0.0h$39.99$39.99---
LEGO® The Lord of the Rings™0.0h$19.99$19.99---
Euro Truck Simulator 20.0h$19.99$19.99---
America's Army: Proving Grounds0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Cry of Fear0.0h$0.00$0.00---
theHunter Classic0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Tomb Raider0.0h$19.99$19.99---
GRID 20.0h$0.00$0.00---
The Forest0.0h$19.99$19.99---
Assetto Corsa0.0h$19.99$19.99---
PAYDAY 20.0h$9.99$9.99---
Sparkle 2 Evo0.0h$4.99$4.99---
Age of Wonders III0.0h$29.99$29.99---
Glacier 3: The Meltdown0.0h$2.99$2.99---
Satellite Reign0.0h$29.99$29.99---
Grand Theft Auto V0.0h$29.99$29.99---
Amnesia: The Dark Descent0.0h$19.99$19.99---
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs0.0h$19.99$19.99---
Counter-Strike Nexon: Studio0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Sven Co-op0.0h$0.00$0.00---
A Story About My Uncle0.0h$14.99$14.99---
LEGO® The Hobbit™0.0h$19.99$19.99---
F1 20150.0h$4.99$4.99---
Deponia: The Complete Journey0.0h$29.99$29.99---
Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Dead Bits0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Memories of a Vagabond0.0h$4.99$4.99---
DiRT Rally0.0h$14.99$14.99---
The Flame in the Flood0.0h$14.99$14.99---
Alien: Isolation0.0h$39.99$39.99---
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Life is Strange™0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Google Earth VR0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Lead and Gold - Gangs of the Wild West0.0h$9.99$9.99---
Relic Hunters Zero: Remix0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Layers of Fear0.0h$19.99$19.99---
Business Tour - Online Multiplayer Board Game0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Mad Max0.0h$19.99$19.99---
Planet R-120.0h$0.99$0.99---
CS:GO Player Profiles0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: n0thing - Cloud90.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: TaZ - Virtus.Pro0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: GeT_RiGhT - Ninjas in Pyjamas0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: olofmeister - fnatic0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: kennyS - Team Envyus0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: Edward - Na'Vi0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: markeloff - Flipsid30.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: device - Team SoloMid0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: FalleN - Luminosity0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: karrigan - Astralis0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: pashaBiceps - Virtus.Pro0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: Guardian - Na'Vi0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: Happy - Team EnVyUs0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: fnx - Luminosity0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: Friberg - Ninjas in Pyjamas0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: Maikelele - FaZe0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: Fer - SK Gaming0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: Dupreeh - Astralis0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: Tarik - Counter Logic Gaming0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: Hiko - Team Liquid0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: Counter-Strike: A Brief History0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: Zeus - Gambit0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: coldzera – SK Gaming0.0h$0.00$0.00---
CS:GO Player Profiles: s1mple – Natus Vincere0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Just Cause 30.0h$29.99$29.99---
Outlast 20.0h$29.99$29.99---
XCOM 20.0h$59.99$59.99---
Wallpaper Engine0.0h$3.99$3.99---
Rise of the Tomb Raider0.0h$59.99$59.99---
Z1 Battle Royale0.0h$0.00$0.00---
H1Z1: Test Server0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Blood and Bacon0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Unforgiving Trials: The Darkest Crusade0.0h$0.99$0.99---
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition0.0h$39.99$39.99---
Mind Spheres0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Riders of Icarus0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Black Squad0.0h$0.00$0.00---
World of Tanks Blitz0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Line of Sight0.0h$0.00$0.00---
ENDLESS™ Space - Definitive Edition0.0h$9.99$9.99---
We Were Here0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Sniper Fury0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Guns of Icarus Online0.0h$4.99$4.99---
Guns of Icarus Alliance0.0h$4.99$4.99---
Sudden Strike 30.0h$5.99$5.99---
Next Up Hero Beta0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Last Man Standing0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Jet Buster0.0h$9.99$9.99---
Kreedz Climbing0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Making of Furi: Episode 1 - Conception0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Making of Furi: Episode 2 - Game Play0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Making of Furi: Episode 3 - Art and Animation0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Zup! 50.0h$0.99$0.99---
Loading Screen Simulator0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Zup! 70.0h$0.99$0.99---
Flow:The Sliding0.0h$2.99$2.99---
aMAZE 3D0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Drunken Wrestlers 20.0h$0.00$0.00---
Light in the dark0.0h$3.99$3.99---
Joumee The Hedgehog0.0h$1.99$1.99---
Project Lucie0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Ruthless Safari0.0h$3.99$3.99---
SCP: Secret Laboratory0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Run, my little pixel0.0h$2.99$2.99---
Life is Strange: Before the Storm0.0h$16.99$16.99---
Sky Jump0.0h$0.99$0.99---
O'Fox life0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Lines X0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Psi Project0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Snake: Road to apple0.0h$0.99$0.99---
The Monk and the Warrior. The Heart of the King.0.0h$3.99$3.99---
Lucky Panda0.0h$12.99$12.99---
Immortal Heroes0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Tactical Operations0.0h$1.99$1.99---
Infinity Trip0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Psi Project: Legacy0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Piggy Poggy Pog0.0h$1.99$1.99---
Sky Road0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Company of Heroes 20.0h$19.99$19.99---
Floresia I : Intemporel0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Kingdom: Classic0.0h$0.00$0.00---
GizmoVR Video Player0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Beach Restaurant0.0h$12.99$12.99---
Dead Ground0.0h$4.99$4.99---
Paradox Wrench0.0h$0.99$0.99---
Unstoppable Hamster0.0h$1.99$1.99---
Aeve:Zero Gravity0.0h$1.99$1.99---
Cortex Command0.0h$19.99$19.99---
The Red Solstice0.0h$9.99$9.99---
Silent Tweets0.0h$1.99$1.99---
Stunt Hill0.0h$1.99$1.99---
Horror Fish Simulator0.0h$0.99$0.99---
The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Thunderbolt 20.0h$0.99$0.99---
Trippy Jump0.0h$1.99$1.99---
Hentai 30180.0h$0.99$0.99---
Yet Another Zombie Defense0.0h$0.00$0.00---
HITMAN™ 20.0h$0.00$0.00---
Sapper boom!0.0h$0.99$0.99---
F1 20180.0h$19.99$19.99---
Aim Lab0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest - Episode 10.0h$0.00$0.00---
For Honor0.0h$11.99$11.99---
The Momo Game0.0h$1.99$1.99---
Hyperdrive Massacre0.0h$9.99$9.99---
Murderous Pursuits0.0h$9.99$9.99---
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition0.0h$14.99$14.99---
Destiny 20.0h$0.00$0.00---
Apex Legends0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Slapshot: Rebound0.0h$0.00$0.00---
GOAT OF DUTY0.0h$9.99$9.99---
Drawful 20.0h$9.99$9.99---
Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris0.0h$19.99$19.99---
STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Minion Masters0.0h$0.00$0.00---
THE CORRIDOR0.0h$1.99$1.99---
PRO DRIFT RELOADED0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Tell Me Why0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Torque Drift0.0h$0.00$0.00---
Little Nightmares0.0h$19.99$19.99---